Terms and Conditions

www.personalizationwp.com is a website owned and operated by Flowcraft OOD.

Flowcraft OOD is headquartered in Ruse, Bulgaria. Flowcraft OOD’s registered office address is 2 Vasil Petleshkov str., Ruse, Ruse, Bulgaria, 7000; Flowcraft OOD Company Number: 204996323; Telephone: 359 883321637; e-mail: info@flowcraft.cc.

Flowcraft OOD is hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”, “our” or “the company”. Users at Flowcraft OOD’s website www.personalizationwp.com are hereinafter referred to as “clients”, “you”, “your”.

The company provides and sells software digital products and expertise in the fields of web design, SEO and website user experience via the Internet.

 Products and Services

The price of our products and services is given in United States Dollar (USD, $). You agree to pay all exchange fees and other costs, which might occur, if you are using a non-USD-denominated credit or debit card, when purchasing from www.personalizationwp.com.

Prices may vary depending on your location or if the purchase was part of a promotion.

All of Flowcraft OOD’s products and services are only delivered via the Internet. Your shipping address will not be used for a physical delivery of any kind.

Since Flowcraft OOD’s products and services are available online only, clients need to have the corresponding software at their disposal, in order to be able to use them.

The entire interface of our products and services is in English.

Software Products

Flowcraft OOD’s software products are designed to help our clients improve the user experience of their own users on their websites.

Clients receive a unique license key after making a purchase, which they can later use to access and work with the version of the product they have paid for. Clients will be able to download the product to their devices. Clients’ access to the product they have purchased has no expiration date.

Copying, sharing, selling or re-distributing Flowcraft OOD’s products and services without the company’s permission is prohibited. Flowcraft OOD has the right to take legal action, in case of suspected violation.

Web Design, User Experience and SEO

Clients can ask us to help them with the design creation, user experience or SEO of their websites (i.e. private projects) by sending us an e-mail.

If we approve the project, we will then discuss all the details with you and sign a contract, covering all project specifics, deadlines, rights and responsibilities of the two parties.

Your request does not automatically oblige us to participate in your project. We maintain our right to choose the projects we want to participate in.

Since every project is unique, all the details, specifications and price will be discussed and negotiated with you prior to the start of the working process.

Once negotiated, clients must pay the first half of the total negotiated price upfront. Payment of the second half will be required upon the completion of the project. All additional demands, not specified in the initial contract, will be negotiated and paid for separately.

Cancellation and Refund

Clients, who have purchased a software product from us, have the right to request a refund at any time during the first 30 days following the date of the purchase. After that, clients cannot be refunded.

In case of a proper refund request (read above), clients will be refunded the full amount.

In case of a refund, clients agree to pay all banking fees and other transfer fees, which might occur during the transaction.

If you pay for any of Flowcraft OOD’s software products, but decide not to use them for any reason, without cancelling your order or asking for a refund, refund is not due.

Refund of payments received by Flowcraft OOD in relation to clients’ private web design, user experience or SEO projects is not due.

Privacy Policy

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 Other Information

Flowcraft OOD is not responsible for any of our partners’ products and services, available on or through www.personalizationwp.com. You should always make sure you have read their terms and conditions, before purchasing any of their products and services.

All the content, available on www.personalizationwp.com, including all the texts, tutorials, explanations, videos, products and services, is intellectual property of Flowcraft OOD and cannot be used for commercial purposes without the specific permission of Flowcraft OOD.


By using www.personalizationwp.com, you understand that the website or some of Flowcraft OOD’s products and services might sometimes be unavailable or not working properly, due to technical difficulties or errors.

All reported errors will be removed in the following versions of our products.

Under no circumstances is Flowcraft OOD responsible for any losses or damages you might suffer, while using the company’s products and services.

Also obey any legal restrictions your country might have imposed on buying, storing and using products and services similar to those provided by Flowcraft OOD.