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Target Users on a Specific Page

In the end, the sole purpose of every online business is to target users and improve its conversion rate in order to increase sales and make money. The problem is that even though your website visitors like your product, they still do not want to part with their money. You have to stimulate them.

Offering a discount from the price is one way to do that. However, you do not want to undermine your brand’s value by putting everything on sale all the time. With the Personalization plugin by Flowcraft you have the ability to offer a discount only to some of your website users.

For example, if a user has visited the page of a certain product a number of times without making a purchase, it is probably because he/she likes the product, but not the price. It is not a bad idea to give him/her a promo code for 20% off the next time he/she visits that same page.

Target Users on a Specific Website Page

First, you pick a name for your condition. Then, choose “user visits page” from the drop down menu under the section titled “Condition rules”. A blank field will emerge for you to paste the URL of the page you have in mind. You can only paste URLs from your own website.

A second drop down menu allows you to choose whether your personalized content will show up every time, an exact number of times or after the user has visited the page more than a specific number of times. For the last two options it is up to you to choose the exact number.

Let’s say you want to give a discount to every user, who has visited a certain page more than 4 times. The next step is to insert content in the visual/HTML editor in the section titled “When condition is met”.

Target Users on a Specific Website Page

This personalized content is created only for the target users who have visited your page more than four times. The rest are not supposed to see it, so you check “Don’t show anything” under “When condition is not met”.

Finally you can mark the box that says “Turn on Google Analytics Tracking” to keep an eye on the results of your campaign.

Target Users on a Specific Website Page

When it’s all done, simply hit “Publish” at the upper right corner of the screen, copy the generated shortcode and paste it to the page, post, widget or product you had in mind. Your business will thank you.