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Flowcraft OOD is headquartered in Ruse, Bulgaria. Flowcraft OOD’s registered office address is 2 Vasil Petleshkov str., Ruse, Ruse, Bulgaria, 7000; Flowcraft OOD Company Number: 204996323; Telephone: 359 883321637; e-mail:

Flowcraft OOD is hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”, “our” or “the company”. Users at Flowcraft OOD’s website are hereinafter referred to as “clients”, “you”, “your”.

The company provides and sells software digital products and expertise in the fields of web design, SEO and website user experience via the Internet.

When making a purchase

In order to make a purchase at our website, users have to provide personal details such as name, e-mail and personal address. If the purchase is made on behalf of a legal entity, they also have the option to provide a company name, company number and company address.

With the exception of the provided e-mail address, all other information we collect during the purchase process is collected only for invoicing purposes, accounting and reporting to the Bulgarian revenue agency. We are legally obliged to store this information in our system at least until the end of the current fiscal year.

Your information will not be used for physical delivery of any kind. Your information will be shared with the accounting company, whose services we use – Contabil EOOD.

Clients have to provide their e-mail address in order to receive an e-mail containing the invoice and the license key needed to access and use our software products.

With the exception of the personal and company information cited above, we do not collect any other information from our users.

We guarantee that your personal information will not be sold to third parties. We guarantee that your personal information will be used only for the purposes of delivering the products and services you demand.

Users have the right to ask us to delete, edit or restrict their personal information via e-mail or phone.

Unless we are legally obliged to continue storing your personal information for accounting and tax purposes, we will delete it from our system as soon as you ask us to.

You can ask us to delete, edit or restrict your personal data by contacting us via e-mail or phone.

During the process of making a purchase at our website, clients are redirected to PayPal – the payment company we work with. Clients are then asked to login or create a new account, if they do not already have one. If a new PayPal account is needed, users are asked for their personal and payment details. We do not collect this information and do not have access to it. That information is collected and stored by PayPal Holdings Inc.

When subscribing for our newsletter

Users have to provide their e-mail address in order to receive free content and updates related to or the company’s products and services in their e-mail inbox. Your e-mail addresses will only be shared with certain e-mail delivery services companies. The e-mail delivery services companies we currently use are MailChimp and MailJet.

Clients’ e-mail addresses are stored in our system, as well as in the systems of the above mentioned mail delivery service providers. Users have the right to ask us to delete, edit or restrict their personal information at any time via e-mail or phone.

Users have the right to unsubscribe from such a service if they follow the link at the bottom of every e-mail they receive from us. Once this is done their e-mail address will be deleted from our system and the user will never hear from us again.


We use cookies to ensure that we provide our users with the best possible experience on our website.

Cookies do not collect any personal information about our website users. All the information cookies collect is related to the behavior of the user on the website and cannot be used to identify the user’s persona in any way.

All the information collected by the cookies is stored in the history of the user’s web browser, not in our system. Users can delete that information by clearing their browser’s history.

Since our software products also use cookies to improve user experience, our clients are allowed and advised to copy the last three paragraphs above to the privacy policy pages of their own websites.