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Personalize Website by User Device

If you want your business to thrive you cannot settle for just a desktop version of your website. For most websites roughly half of all the traffic is on mobile, so personalizing your website for all user devices is a must.

The fact that desktop and mobile versions offer a completely different user experience adds another important detail to the equation. What may be a convenient way to present information on desktop might be very inconvenient on mobile.

For example, imagine that you own a restaurant. There is a contact form on your website’s desktop version, where your clients can make a reservation by writing their name, phone number and a few notes regarding table size and reservation hours.

It is easy to fill out all that information on a computer. Not so much, if you are browsing on a phone. In that case, simply putting a “Call” button on the mobile version of your website is a much better idea. Here is how to personalize website by user device with the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft.

Personalize Website by User Device

First, you pick a name for your new condition. Then you choose “device is” from the drop down menu under “Condition rules”. Another drop down menu will allow you to choose Desktop, Tablet or Phone.

The next step is to insert the content you want your mobile users to see in the visual/HTML editor in the section titled “When condition is met”.

Personalize Website by User Device

Once you’ve connected this button to your phone number, your mobile users will be able to call you and make a reservation with the single click in your website, instead of having to manually dial a number.

On the other hand, a contact form for reservations is still needed for your desktop website users. Since the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft can work with shortcodes from other plugins, you can simply insert a contact form shortcode from another plugin in the visual/HTML editor under “When condition is NOT met”.

Personalize Website by User Device

This way you ensure that your mobile users will see the more convenient “Call” button, while all others – the contact form for reservations. Finally, you may want to “Turn on Google Analytics tracking” to monitor the results of your personalization efforts.

Personalize Website by User Device

When all is set, hit “Publish” at the upper right corner of the screen, copy the automatically generated shortcode and paste it to the intended page, post or widget content.

Then start preparing for the wave of reservations you are going to receive from mobile website visitors!