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Personalize Website on a Specific Date of the Year

Limited time discount offers are a popular way for online retailers to quickly get rid of unwanted inventory. They create urgency and send potential clients the message that they have to act now or miss out on a great deal.

Black Friday is a perfect example of a limited time offer. We have all seen the long lines of people lining up in front of stores early in the morning after Thanksgiving. The problem for websites with users from all over the world is that by the time Black Friday arrives in L.A., it may be already Saturday morning in Australia.

Big businesses solve this problem by launching different websites in the different countries. The solution for smaller websites is the Personalization WP plugin by Flowcraft. Its “is date” feature, allows you to launch a Black Friday promotion, when it is actually Friday at the users’ location, no matter where that is.

After choosing a name for your condition, you go to the section called “Condition rules”, where you choose “is date” from the IF drop down menu. In 2018 Black Friday is on November 23rd – this is the date you need to mark in the calendar.

The next step is to go to the “When condition is met” section and insert the content you want your potential customers to see on Black Friday. A big banner is a good way to attract attention.

Then you have to ensure that your other users, who happen to live in places where it is still Thursday or already Saturday, will not see your Black Friday promotion. This is done by checking “Don’t show anything” under “When condition is NOT met.”

If you want to keep track of your Black Friday campaign, you can simply check “Turn on Google Analytics tracking” and a new event in your website’s Google Analytics will be created for you to monitor the results.

When it’s all done, simply hit “Publish” at the upper right corner of the screen, copy the automatically generated shortcode and paste it to the page, post or widget content you had in mind.