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Personalize Website by Day of the Week

Let’s say you have a business and you are launching a new product every Monday. However, just because you know you do does not mean your users know or remember that. If you do not remind them when they open your site, you risk losing sales.

In this article we’ll show you how to automatically remind your users what day it is with the Personalization plugin by Flowcraft.

First, you pick a name for your condition. “New Products Every Monday” sounds appropriate. Then you go to the “Condition rules” section and choose “is day of the week” from the drop down menu. A new drop down menu will emerge and let you pick the day. In our case – Monday.

The next section is titled “When condition is met”. In the editor you place the content you want your users to see on Monday.  If you do not want your message to show up when it is not Monday, just mark “don’t show anything” in the section “when condition is not met”. This way you ensure that your website will not take this condition into account in the other six days of the week.

Last but not least, check “Turn on Google Analytics Tracking” to track how your users react to your message. Once you hit “Publish” at the upper right corner of the screen, a shortcode will be generated for your condition.

Paste it wherever you want your message to appear – in a page, a post, a widget etc. It will show up there automatically every Monday to remind your users to check out the new cool stuff that you’re offering. Good luck!