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How to Personalize for Your New Website Visitors

With so many websites around, people cannot even remember most of the pages they have visited during the day. It is great to have a lot of new website visitors, but if you fail to make them remember you, chances are good you’ll never see them again.

That is why it is so important to make an impression with your first time users. Now we’ll show you how easy it is to do that with the Personalization plugin by Flowcraft.

First, you have to pick a title for your condition rule. “Welcome, New User!” sounds appropriate. Then you choose “first time user” from the drop down menu under “Condition rules”.

Personalize for Your New Website Visitors

The next step is to insert the content you want your new users to see when they browse your website for the first time. Simply mark “Show HTML” under the section titled “When condition is met”, and write “Welcome! Here is your free eBook!”, for example.

Since you do not want to bother your returning visitors with this every time they stop by, you mark “don’t show anything” under “When condition is not met”. To track how your targeting is going you can check “Turn on Google Analytics Tracking”.

Personalize for Your New Website Visitors

Now you’re all set to say “welcome” to your new website visitors. Hit “Publish” at the upper right corner of the screen, copy and paste the newly generated shortcode where you want your ‘welcome’ message to show up.